A Wisconsin Drinking Club with a Running Problem
Drinking and running in Waukesha and Milwaukee

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GMs - Takes It All

Hash Cash - Dead Wood

RA/Songmeister - Dick licks ya

Haberdasher & Ombudsman - Cop-U-Later!!

HareRaiser - I Cunt Even

Webmeister - Mangina

Grand Master/Mistress – The head hasher. The Chair of the board. The guiding light. The cat herder. The GM is the figurehead (who said head?) of the hash, giving inspiration, direction and vision to all. Most of this is accomplished by delegating to the other Mismanagement officers, however the GM stands in as substitute or back up for the duties of all the other positions when needed.

Hash Cash – The holder of the purse-strings. This is the hasher who dashes about at the start of trail collecting money and documenting who attended trail. This person keeps track of what comes in and what goes out and is responsible for getting run counts to the GM from time to time. This trustworthy soul must withstand the whining of hares who overspend and the whimpering of those who forgot fees.

Religious Advisor – The keeper of the faith. Enforcer of Scripture. The hasher who has seen the light and can taste the true spirit of hashing in his/her soul. The R.A. spreads the word and inspires zeal of the hash in all participants. Any hasher found transgressing the spirit of hashing is disciplined by the RA. As keeper of the sacred Laws of Hashing the RA develops sufficiently plausible lies to cover any serious questions of propriety of actions within the hash.

Songmeister – This hasher has zero self respect. She/he never lacks for a song suitable to the occasion. Songs are risqué, lewd, rude and vulgar. The Songmeister talks to hashers and other hash kennels to acquire songs to add to the hymnal. Most importantly, the hymnal is maintained and distributed at each hash.

Haberdasher– This is a person who has a flair for fashion, a head for business (who said head?), and the showmanship of P.T. Barnum. They are responsible for the design, procurement, warehousing, merchandising, and vending of items of apparel and various trinkets to the hash. 

HareRaiser – This hasher ensures that there is a hare(s) for each hash and that the start location is known to the Webmeister a week in advance of trail. The HareRaiser IS the hare if he/she cannot find another hasher to hare.

Webmeister – The masochist's dream. This hasher struggles with the influx of often competing information from hares, HareRaiser, GM, RA, and other members of the kennel, misinterprets that information and posts it all on the web for all to find and rely upon. At least directs hashers in the direction of the Facebook pages and keeps them as up-to-date as possible.

Ombudsman– A self-appointed hasher who interprets rules and attempts to resolve complaints.