Name: ​ContractWhore
Began Hashing:
 2020 with Waukesha H3
Favorite Part of Hashing: 
The camaraderie & silliness! The fantastic stories & shitty trails! 
Favorite Travel Kennel:
 Uvita H3 Costa Rica!


Name: ​I C*nt Even

Position: Hare Raiser

Began Hashing: ​2018 with Survivor H3

Favorite Part: I love all of the socialization and friendships I've built.

Favorite Travel Kennel: Twin Titties

Name: ​Deadwood

Position: Hash Cash

Began Hashing: 2004 with Boise H3

Favorite Part: The friendships I've made over the years are the best part.

Favorite Travel Kennel: IndyScent H3

​Name: ​Midsummer Night's Cream
Assistant Hash Cash
Began Hashing: 
2016 with Waukesha H3
Favorite Part of Hashing: 
The great people, and it's more fun than just going out to bars. 
Favorite Travel Kennel: 
IndyScent H3 

Name: ​Dickslicksya

Position: Religious Advisor

Began Hashing: 2010 with Waukesha H3

Favorite Part: On trail, run or walk, can be when you realize you're not alone and there are others who love you as you are... You are at the Hash House Harriers.

Favorite Travel Kennel: Big Hump H3

Name: ​Takes It All

Position: Grand Mistress

Began Hashing: 2016 with Waukesha H3

Favorite Part: Hashing lets me embrace my inner child while enjoying some adult beverages with the best people I know. 

Favorite Travel Kennel: IndyScent H3

Waukesha Hash House Harriers

A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

​in the Greater Milwaukee Area