objective: keep the pack together

Waukesha marking standards


A Wisconsin Drinking Club with a Running Problem
Drinking and running in Waukesha and Milwaukee



THE VENUE (known as the "ON-IN")

VISIT the venue that you choose -- having 30 hashers show up and find it closed REALLY SUCKS! 

PARKING – if it is horrible in the area, warn everyone in the Hareline to use public transportation or carpool -– and give directions from the bus. 

NEGOTIATE THE BEER COST – Big group, slow day should equal a good price!! Places with pitchers on tap are usually the best. While upscale bars are a nice change of pace, many hashes are run out of "dive bars" like ones with no name out front, just an Old Style sign or something like that.

MONEY – The hash gives no more than $8 hash cash to the hare for beer and food, unless another arrangement is pre-approved by the GM. 

BEER STOPS – Cost is paid by the hare; consider canned beer rather than a bar! NOISE - Do they understand that we will sing and make some noise? Will they turn the music down during our circle? 

​FOOD - If no food is available, can we bring some in? 

NON-BAR ON-IN’s - If not a bar, is it legal to consume alcohol? (parks, forest preserves)

NOTE: $8 a head goes a lot farther in beer and food if we are not in a bar for the ON-IN, so consider parks, someone’s home or backyard, etc. when the weather permits!! 


​Weekends: 3-7 miles (1-2 hours with stops), Weekdays: 2-5 miles (no more than 1.5 hours) 

Death Marches (long straight-a-ways), especially in very hot or cold weather, aren't necessary except for special occasions; we are a drinking club with a running problem, NOT the other way around!!!!

Consider Eagle/Turkey splits for those who cannot run long distances, bring dogs, or have small children with them. Those who can't soar like drunken eagles appreciate the chance to walk like turkeys.

Hare pays for beer stops.

​Water on a hot day will make the hares popular (as if you give a damn!).

Use Waukesha hash marks. You must explain any variations during chalk talk. 

WHITE FLOUR IS DISCOURAGED IN THE WAUKESHA HASH. If you need to use flour, color it with carpenter’s chalk (Home Depot, Ace) or food coloring, but it must be clearly "not white"!!! This is a Milwaukee Police request due to the 9/11 anthrax fears!!

Other suggestions:
Add chalk, Jello or Kool-aid to the flour to color it. On sidewalks and streets, use sidewalk chalk or sheetrock to avoid piles of any kind of flour. Consider using birdseed or peanut shells or some other harmless alternative to flour to mark trail (Thumper Humper once marked a trail in breakfast cereal).  Yarn, tape or toilet paper also work in some terrain. For Downtown hashes, use extra caution to avoid another incident.  Be sensitive to areas such as government buildings. Consider notifying the local police prior to a run. The police can be very helpful if they know in advance that we are harmless.

​Keep the pack together: Use plentiful, consistent marks and enough checks, loops and splits to keep everyone running together. THIS IS CRITICAL!!!  Remember that we're a social club! 

Use plenty of white chalk or brightly colored flour at night—bits of drywall works great and can be obtained free from debris dumpsters at most construction sites (bonus)! 

Long straight-a-ways (death marches) really suck; keep it interesting and leave opportunities for short cutting. 

A to B hash: Leave the B location and phone number at the start for latecomers and lost hashers. Select a B location near the A. If you cannot, coordinate a shag wagon for run bags. Also, if possible, note the location of the beer stop(s) for latecomers too. 

SWEEP THE TRAIL The hare is responsible for finding any lost hounds on trail, and sweeping and marking checks and splits ensures that no one will be forever lost. If you cannot personally sweep, give a responsible hound chalk to mark checks and splits after the pack has passed them. 


If you sign up to be a hare and cannot do it, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement -- the Hareraiser will try to help you by suggesting names, but IT’S YOURS TO FIX!!!  

Get the right information to the right people to publish – 14 DAYS BEFORE THE HASH!!! 

The right people are: the GM and the Hareraiser. 

​The right information is: Venue, address, time, auto and public transportation instructions and any special information (theme run, food served, etc.) that you want to publish to spice it up and make it interesting!! If the venue parking sucks, SAY SO, so that hashers can anticipate it.  

              Arrow (chalk) - on trail

              Dot (colored flour) - on trail

               3 marks after check is On-On (can be arrows or dots)

              True Trail - you are really on trail

                Check - trail could go in any direction from here (3 marks to be On-On). Some hares prefer to use two marks

                Back check - number of marks to go back; if no number, look back all the way to the last check (this example means "go back 3 marks")

  F           False - return to check

BVC      Be Very Careful - keep your eyes open, there's some kind off hazard (like a busy intersection) nearby

YBF      You've Been F'ed - really false trail, return to check

YBRF  You've Been Royally F'ed - really really false trail, return to check and curse hares the whole way back

BN         Beer Near (usually less than 1/4 mile)

BH         Beer Here - it's time for the pack of hounds to gather for a beer stop