A Wisconsin Drinking Club with a Running Problem
Drinking and running in Waukesha and Milwaukee

Waukesha Hashes on the First and Third Saturdays.  
Runs start at 3:00 PM (April thru October) and at 2:00 PM (November thru March)
Full Moon Hash the night of the full moon each month at 7:00 PM.

About the Hash... The International Hash House Harriers was founded in Malaysia in 1937 by a group of bored runners who originated the club as an alternative to lonesome (and boring) individual running.  It is based in every major city worldwide, as well as many smaller towns.

Not what you expect… When the running club known as the Waukesha Hash House Harriers converges in a different part of Milwaukee or the suburbs each week, they are looking for more than a workout.  The runners ("Hashers" in club parlance) are looking for a trail. The trail is no jogging trail.  This is not a race.  There may be no particular destination--the fun is in following the trail.  The activity is based on the pattern of hounds chasing a hare.  The hare scouts out the area in advance and marks a trail using dots of flour, chalk arrows, or toilet paper

The run becomes interesting because the hares throw the runners off using false trails.  The false trails enable the slower runners to catch up and catch their breath, keeping the pack together as a group. After about an hour of running through fields, swamps, alleys, streets, and other terrain, the Hashers end up at a local pub or home to socialize and go through the rituals associated with "The On-In."

On-On... Hashers range from casual joggers to marathoners and come from both city and suburbs.  On the trail, they are united by the cry of "On-On" (frequent call used by Hashers to indicate they are on the correct trail).  After the trail, Hashers again unite for "The On-In," the social gathering following the run where the day's Hash is discussed and food and libations are served.  Club officers ceremoniously recognize the "Hares" and others demonstrating individual achievement on the run, and punishment is meted out for any hash crimes (real or perceived).

There are no membership dues, although $8 or so is collected at each run to help defray the cost of the refreshments.